Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trickeye Museum

We had bundle tickets as part of a MOE Family Day package that we could use within a stipulated period of time, and since we were visiting Resorts World Sentosa last weekend, we decided to bring along the tickets in case we had time for it. It was a last minute decision, but it worked out.

It has been over a year since we enjoyed the museum in Seoul (Click HERE), We had to change our tickets for passes before joining the weekend crowd in the queue, which holds visitors when the museum is full. As the queue was projected to be about half an hour long, we snacked on fruits Daddy brought along. Hopefully this would be enough to last us till a late lunch.

The museum is not very big, and can be easily covered in minutes if not for the frequent stops to snap photos. We also realized that it was probably a better idea to visit on a weekday instead of a Sunday as it was very crowded. It was frustrating to be constantly getting in each others' way while posing with the exhibits. Some of the exhibits required us to join a short queue, and where there was no well-defined queue it was hard to tell who would be next.

Aside from some of the more popular sets that were similar to those in the Seoul museum, there were a few were uniquely Singaporean. The museum rents 'selfie-sticks', but we doubt this will help with the exhibits as photos need to be carefully framed and angled for optimum effect.

Some exhibits just don't fit. We still had fun trying them out

K is experiencing a growth-spurt!

We posed with this exhibit in Seoul two years ago. Still a favourite with the girls.

Throwback to March 2014 in Seoul (Click HERE).

We managed to enjoy over an hour of posing and laughing at one another, but the need for a restroom ended our visit and we found our way out of the museum. It was already past our usual lunch time anyway, and we contemplated between a couple of place before settling for the Malaysian Food Street for beef kway teow soup and fried prawn noodles.

We caught a shuttle back to HarbourFront with the intention to ride the MRT home, but after some snacks from the 7-Eleven, we gave in to the temptation of the comforts of a cab. It turned out to be a pretty good decision as we all managed to catch a short nap in the taxi on the way home!

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