Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ju Shing Jung @ East Coast Park

The June holidays are an opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Mummy managed to arrange an afternoon at the beach with the cousins, and as a 'throwback' to our trip to Seoul in March, we decided to have Korean barbecue at Ju Shing Jung. The plan was to order noodles for the kids while the adults tucked into the barbecue buffet they had on weekdays. The daddies would be able to join after work to help out with the buffet!

The options for the barbecue were servings of beef, pork collar, pork belly, chicken and prawns. Adults having the buffet could choose a soup. We selected four kimchi soups and a soyabean soup to share.

The staff graciously cooked up the meats for us and sliced them into manageable portions.

Pork belly fresh on the grill

Beef on the grill with cooked chicken on the sides. Daddy loves the grilled garlic!

Grilled prawns and sliced pork collar.

The daddies decided to share a bottle of Raspberry wine! Daddy and Mummy do not drink often, but this was a sweet option and went well with the grilled meats.

The kids had noodles and were not able to eat the barbecued meats, but they were allowed to help themselves to the sides. This was great as our girl loves her salads.

Kimchi soup with pork.

Soyabean soup.

These wipes were quite a hit with the kids as they enjoyed adding water and watching the towels expand. They can be purchased over the counter to bring home too!

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