Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

Standing in awe at the exhibition at Plaza Singapura. Can't imagine how large these creatures would have been if they are still roaming the earth.

School holidays have started and it is time to explore again. This time, we decided to explore cafes since the girls are older now and can enjoy different cuisines better. It is a blessing that they are big eaters so we get to try a wide variety of food and give one another our opinions. We talk as we eat...girls-only outings are the best!

We were doing a staycation in town and after a long day out yesterday, we decided to take it slow, window shop and run some errands around lunch time. After shopping at Plaza Singapura, we headed over to Park Mall which is located just across the road. There are not many eating options at Park Mall but one café stands out for its food and ambience. It opens at 8am daily and is a great spot for the breakfast seekers. Pasta and mains are served from 11am onwards but the breakfast menu is available throughout the day. K and I first chanced upon it when we were at Park Mall for a doctor's appointment and the first thing K said was, " Just like Australia". The café exudes a carefree and relaxed atmosphere, and the staff played a big part in contributing to the warmth. Everyone is friendly and it is very easy to strike a conversation with them. No pretence at all.

Today, Daddy was going to join us for a quick lunch before rushing back to the office. An opportunity for the family to enjoy a gem of a café!

Poach and Salmon. Came with a touch of mayo-avocado topping and caviar! ($16.50)

Big Breakfast. ($17) K and I ordered this the first time we were here and she loves it so much that she ordered it again without any hesitation. You get to choose your bread and eggs. Of course, she was set on her sunny side up.

Penne Sausage ($24). They added capsicum and its taste was a bit too strong for the kids. I had to help them finish the rest.

Caramel and Cookie Milkshake and Strawberry Yoghurt Milkshake ($8.50 each). The portions were too large for the girls so Daddy had a good time finishing them up.

We seldom make the trip out to this part of town, but it was great to take the girls out to meet Daddy for lunch when school is out. Family time adds to the holiday mood! The girls like to play 'pretend' when they are together, and it seems that Daddy and Mummy like to 'pretend' too. Well, since we're not travelling, let's pretend we are sitting in a lovely waterfront café somewhere in...... [please complete the sentence]

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