Sunday, May 8, 2016

Korean BBQ Buffet @ Ju Shing Jung (East Coast Park)

Mothers' Day - it was an opportunity to get the family together for a nice meal at Mommy's favourite restaurant before it closes in February 2017. Ju Shing Jung - the branch at East Coast Park above the Burger King - is one of our family favourites. Not only is the restaurant established and well-known for its authenticity when it comes to Korean style barbecue, it's got a a huge variety of refillable and tastey kimchi, vegetables and other banchan (side-dishes), some of which like the mini-pancakes, marinated egg and salads that we simply can't get enough of. In addition, their tastey sauces really bring out the authentic Korean feel.

We chose to have the buffet (29++ /adult and $16++/child), which gave us unlimited servings of meat (pork collar, pork belly, marinated chicken) along with a choice of soup (soya bean, seafood, kimchi, pork or tofu).

Spicy pork soup

Aside from good food, the service is the other thing that puts a smile on our face. It helps that we've been here a number of times, and our familiarity with the staff makes for the warm, welcoming atmosphere. They even know our favourite side-dishes and happily top them up when we finish them. Do be advised though that due to the large variety of side-dishes, they may not serve all of them at once as they do take up a lot of space on the table. If you know something you'd like to have or see something on the next table that you'd like to try, do ask the friendly waiter staff.

Pork belly on the grill.

A slice of traditional Korean seafood pancake (justice undone by the blurred photo).

Pork belly and pork collar on the grill.

At the end of the dinner, guests are each given a small heart-shaped piece of watermelon and a signature sweet ginger tea that's supposed to aid digestion.

Korean street-styled ice-cream cones.

The icing on the cake has to be the spacious play area of the kids that is conveniently located in a sunlit, cozy corner. It as a television playing cartoons, kid-sized furniture and stationery, a slide and other mechanical coin-operated rides that our girls at a kick out of. There was a puclic-holiday crowd but it wasn't too packed, and because we opted for a late lunch many of the guests were already finished with their grilling, so it wasn't too smoky.

Spacious kids play area in full view and just a stone's throw from our table.

Girls having a go at one of the ride-machines.

For information on the restaurant (plus better photographs and more details), please see their website ( Enjoy!