Monday, March 24, 2014

Seoul Day 5: Namdaemun Market

Most of the group was still sleeping so Mummy and another cousin decided to make a quick tour of Seoul's largest open air traditional market - Namdaemun Market, in the morning before it gets too crowded to move around. There are actually two sessions to Namdaemum market. The wholesale stores opens at 10.30 pm all the way into the wee hours of the night. Store owners usually hit Namdaemun Market at this time to buy bulks in wholesale prices. The 'normal' stores open at 9am and usually by around 11am, the middle of the roads within the market would be filled with carts and that is when the crowd thickens. To avoid the crowd, we headed to the market at 10 am. Located at Hoehyeon Station (just two stops from our apartments at Chungmuro on Line 4), Namdaemun Market can be accessed by Exits 5 and 6. The market sells everything under the sun, from textile products to kitchen utensils and farm and fishery products. The market is divided into different sections. You can either get a map from the Information Centre near exit 5 (come out of exit 5, walk straight and take the first right turn. Walk straight for about 100-150 m and you would see the Information Centre) or you can be like us, just walk around and see what surprises you can find.

Map of Namdaemun Market

Clear streets in the early morning

Ladies bags and shoes

Jewellery and Accessories. A lot of them are handmade.

Army clothing and appliances

Tourist Souvenir

Children's Ballet and Dance Costumes

Streets filling up once the carts set up stores in the middle of the alleys

One of the three main children wholesalers

Second of the three

You can spend the whole day navigating through the three shops. Good that they are all side by side.

Alleys are narrow so go early to avoid the crowd. Bargaining works here especially if you are buying more than 1.

Multi-level shopping complex for the ladies. Our aunt would have enjoyed her time here.

We navigated into the small alleys to find more shopping!

The moneychanger grannies. They are known for their loud and foul temper but to give them credit,  I have met some who are very nice too. I heard they gave good exchange rate but I dare not ruffle their feathers.  

Honey Pancake using blueberry dough

Tried their dry spicy cold noodles and it was really good.

Walked down a flight of stairs and found the food alley.

Tell the lady your order and you can enjoy your meal in the sit-down restaurant just behind

More street food.

We satisfied our sights and taste buds and it was soon time to head back to meet the rest of the group. They should have woken up by now, all ready for another day of exploration.


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