Monday, March 3, 2014

Giggles - Indoor playground at Marine Parade

The kids met up with the cousins at Giggles for a play date before lunch. The indoor playground is located opposite Parkway Parade shopping centre, where the shop-houses are. It is located on the second floor and there are two entrances to Giggles. One from the escalator facing MacDonalds and another from the stairs and bridge connecting Grand Mercure Hotel to the shop-houses across the road, just where MayBank is.

Giggles has two different rooms - one as the indoor playground and another as the party room. For a start, I stepped into the wrong room and was puzzled as to why it was so spacious, with no toys, only to find the real indoor playground just behind me.

The sign to look out for when coming up the escalator or crossing the bridge

The spacious party room. Turn behind and you would find the play room.

Kids keying in their particulars into the staff's Ipad

The space opens up where parents can see everything in one glance. Try out the Number Game. Press the button on the right and a computerized voice would come on, giving you either an addition or subtraction equation. Jump onto the correct answer for the game to continue. Only thing is once the button is pressed, the whole game resets itself. The kids ended up having more fun resetting the button than playing the game.
Good old ball pool that never fails to excite

Balancing acrobat in training

Tired of height? Kids can always opt for safe play corners littered around the playground.

The little one finds it therapeutic to swirl around in her red flower.

Safe for very young ones too.

Kids make friends with one another, taking turns to be the caterpillars.

Wall of fame for budding artists

Always a stack of cartoons for the little hands to get active on

Sugary treats available for sale

Beverages on sale too. Love it that there is enough lockers for the parents to keep the clutter away.
A baby changing table within the play area so you can still keep an eye on your other active ones.  

You can plan your day such that the little have a class before her play, which equates to more ME TIME!

More work of art on display.

What I like about Giggles. The staff appeared to be very warm to children when we were there. One of the kids' mother left her daughter there before disappearing for a long while. The daughter, after playing for a while, realized that the mother wasn't there and started crying. One of the staff ran to her and tried to pacify her. He even carried her and showed her interesting toys in a bid to distract her. After that, he brought her to where the big kids were playing and that calmed her down a lot. He stayed with her throughout and by the time the mother came back, she was already playing happily. The staff in many of the other play areas which I have been to, hardly ever approached the children unless they are doing some dangerous stunts, endangering the safety of themselves and others. At Giggles, the staff went the extra mile to make sure that all the children are playing safely and happily. Good Job Giggles! We will surely be back again, especially since Parkway Parade is just across the road. I can conveniently satisfy my own shopping and food craving after the kids settle their craving for fun.

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