Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kallang Ice World

A friend of mine brought her two young daughters to Kallang Ice World and she talked about how much fun they had. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss out on fun so off we went too. The last time I went ice skating was when I was still in secondary school. Boy, now that I count the years, it sure is a long time ago. Kallang Leisure Park has changed a lot since then. It is a whole lot bigger and there are definitely more shops now. A lot of eateries fill the complex - Pasta Mania, New York New York and even Marble Slab Creamery. The complex also houses a theatre which features a lot of international films (explaining the name - FilmGarde Cineplex), a bowling alley and a Cold Storage supermarket. The Ice World is located on the third floor of the complex.

We brought along jackets, socks and gloves. If you do not have yours, you can always buy them over the counter. I got a pair of gloves for $2. Just in case you are wondering if you need to dig out those winter down jackets and beanies, hold it. It is not that freezing cold and once you get those leg exercises going on the ice, you would heat up quite quickly. A simple windbreaker or jacket would do the trick. Some of the skaters were even in t-shirts!! I am scared of the cold but my fleece jacket did just fine.

If you are not sure what size your ice-skates should be, the counter has a foot measurement chart which you can place your foot on and the assistant would pick out just the right size for you. As we sat on the side benches, we saw the professional skaters whisked passed us, along with beautiful stunts and turns. We sat there captivated. A said she would like to skate like them because they looked so beautiful. "Slowly, my dear. They all started out like you and if you work at it, you can be like them too."

Simple safety rules such as the proper way to fall were explained to A before we stepped into the cold, wet yet inviting ice. Once I stepped in, I realized I was not any better than my young daughter. My body has lost its memory of ice-skating and balancing became an issue, needless to say, the most important part of it all - stopping! How was I supposed to help A ice-skate? Good thing balancing frames are available for children below the height of 120cm. A got one and I held it along with her, pretending (very well) that I was teaching her when I too needed to get my grip on the bar.

We made our way slowly around the rink. A fell a few times but she was able to pick herself up rather quickly and steadily. After two rounds around the rink with the balancing tripod, she decided to do without it. She held the sides of the rink before letting her hands go, choosing to find her own sense of balance on the ice.

By the fourth round, she was managing very well without much support. My legs, too, was beginning to regain its memory and I was able to move along rather smoothly though braking was still an issue. Still, we had a lot of fun and lots of laughter.

Our ticket allowed us to stay inside the rink for 2 hours but it was enough to keep A happy. Kate did a wonderful job staying happy with Daddy on the side benches. We changed out after the 2 hours was up and headed to a food court to have dinner. By then, the girls were already very tired. Nonetheless, it was a nice and 'cool' way (pun intended) to spend family time together. A was just glad that she had her time on the ice with Mummy alone.


  1. Hi, may I know what are the charges per hour? And any additional charges for rental of skates and lockers?

  2. From:
    $12 for child below 12, must have student pass, unless below 1.2 m. min age 4.
    $13 for student, must have pass too.
    $14 for adult. All these prices are for 2 hours
    Rental skates are $3, $3.50 and $3.50 respectively, for child, student and adult.
    Gloves and socks are compulsory, and cost $2/$2.50.

  3. Go and check the Entry Fees @: