Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Evolution of Mummy - An Illustration of Child (and Parent) Development

[A reflective piece by 'Daddy'.]

I was mulling over some old photos of our children's artwork and was amazed how the subjects of their drawings 'evolved' so quickly over time. The girls love to draw, and in the process of keeping the house tidy, we often we toss their creations into the bin too hastily. On a number of enlightened occasions, however, we've had the opportunity to snap a quick record of their work, and contribute it to a portfolio. This album becomes an 'illustration' (pun intended) of their development when we look back.

To best appreciate the 'evolution', we have to fix a subject and see how it changes over time (or in this case, the age of the artist). This essay is in appreciation of my 'better half', and today's subject is none other than 'Mummy'.

Pictures were contributed by both our children. Enjoy!

1 year 10 months: We all begin somewhere, and the artist is somehow able to communicate to me that this is none other than Mummy. We see a head (that mass blob) and not much else, but its a good start.
2 years 9 months: Mummy now has hair and well defined eyes.

Right about now, we see Mummy go through a growth-spurt, and she changes rapidly month by month...

3 years 6 months: Arms and legs are still undeveloped, but we see well-defined eyes, shoulder-length hair and a dress! Mummy must have been angry that day... note the resemblance to the Incredible Hulk (just kidding).

3 years 8 months: In two months she has developed a nose, and curly hair (new hairdo?). Still no arms but at least one leg looks well developed. More significantly, Mummy has learnt her 'ABCs' (well, maybe not A and C but looks like she's good at B).

3 years 9 months: And it only took a month to beef up those arms. Note the fingers are developing too. Well done!

4 years 1 month: TEEEEEETH!!! Congrats, you're able to chew solid food now!

4 years 3 months: The legs are lengthening. Oh my! What pretty eyelashes!

5 years 7 months: Maturity is reflected when you're able to use make-up and lipstick! I have absolutely no idea who the gentleman who forgot to shave on the right is, do you? Looks like a nice guy.

5 years 9 months: Mommy is now old enough to get married! Daddy still needs to shave though.

6 years 10 months: Mummy has two beautiful girls and a clean-shaven hubby.

Nine years of marriage has changed us, grown us, tested us and made us stronger. It's been an amazing journey of wonderful memories and experiences. Best of all, it's only just the beginning, and we have many more good days and a long way to go. Glad to share them with you.

Happy wedding anniversary!

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