Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House

Mummy loves visiting Korea, and it's not surprising that she craves good Korean cuisine too. And the part about Korean food that excites the kids most has to be their creative desserts. On this special weekend, we decided to replace a 'proper' lunch with a visit to the Bing Go Korean Dessert House (located at the junction of Geylang Lor 22 and Guillemard Road). The kids could not believe their ears.

There is no breakfast here as the cafe only opens from 12-11pm. Strictly desserts and drinks in this house!

Note that the cafe is adjoined to Ju Shing Jung via a glass wall and door. The thoughtful design allows you to escape the sounds and smells of the grills for a cosy and comfortable post barbeque dessert.

More evidence that this cafe caters to guests next door. Bing Su is an overpriced ice-kacang in my opinion, but then again, so are many other pleasures and luxuries of life anyway!

There is an outdoor patio outside for the night-time crowd, but at lunch it's simply too hot! Time to head in for some air-conditioning.
We placed our order for a lunch that did not seem like one: Oreo Bing Su, and three toasts: the more traditional Injoelmi Toast, and more contemporary Cheese and Garlic Toast and Caramel and Cinammon Toast. Girls were thrilled! In fact, the only thing that the adults ordered was Injoelmi Toast.

There's less time for family interaction when our mouths are stuffed, so much of it happened while we were hungry and anticipating the arrival of the food. We were the first and only guests then, so we took the liberty to ditch some restaurant manners and make a little more noise than we should.

One of the ways we pass time while waiting for our orders: thumb-wars.

And while we wait, we play pretend: creative use of the restaurant pager while the 'hair-stylist' does her hair.

Oreo Bingsu ($11): Pretty and creative. The Bing Su leverages on the all-time favourite flavours of crushed Oreo biscuits, but we agreed that the large volume of crushed ice and otherwise normal ingredients could bring the price down of this bowl a bit more. The large amount of ice overwhelms the taste of Oreo too.

Garlic and Cheese Toast ($6): Reminds you of the Breadtalk version? The garlic toast in Korea is thicker and softer though. Nonetheless, this was the kids' favourite. They finished it very quickly.

Injoelmi Toast ($6) - Traditional toast filled with rice cake and topped with ice-cream, sprinkled over with sliced almonds and crushed bean powder. Savoury. Just right for mummy.

Ice-Cream Vanilla Waffle ($3) Found the waffle a bit hard but the sweet whip cream made up for that.

Imported can drinks for $3 each!

Hot Jujube Tea ($5.50) and Americano ($4.50).
A simple lunch but a very fruitful family bonding time. Mummy did not have to keep reminding them to finish their meal because the kids were very motivated that day. That was probably their first time having sweet treats for a meal. The bingsu did wonders in this burning weather and the girls couldn't agree more. One more thing. The staff mentioned that the cafĂ© gets crowded from evening onwards so do head down early if you want to be assured of an indoor seat.

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