Thursday, June 4, 2015

Eggs and Berries @ Changi City Point

To celebrate the long weekend, we decided to do some family cafe hopping. We used to visit Changi City Point some time back but had not been there recently, and Mummy suggested we try out the simple and comfy looking Eggs and Berries for some well-reputed handmade burgers. (Level One, near Starbucks)

Note the classy yet casual wall murals.

We visited a little early for dinner to beat the weekend crowd, and enjoyed a rather quiet setting despite the mall being quite crowded. Perhaps everyone was still finishing up their pre-dinner shopping.

There was a set burger meal and we decided to give it a go. Mummy is a fan of fried chicken wings, so the Wings and Fries was an easy decision.

Syrups for the pancakes (Strawberry, Chocolate and Maple) comes in little jars.

The kids went for Pancake with Chipolata and an egg of your choice (sunny side up, scramble...) . The set comes with a small cup of juice. Each set costs only $7.90.

The adults shared the burger set. ($13.90) We chose original burger buns with aged beef patty. Of course, the hot wedges got hijacked by the kids.

Wings and Fries ($7.90) : the verdict? Mummy the wings-expert felt that there was a little too much batter and the flavour did not get into the meat enough but the sauces were a nice change from the usual ketchup and chili. Fries were also a bit too salty for our liking.

Eggs Florentine. ($13.90) Poached eggs on salmon and toast was pretty, light and tasty. Definitely Mummy's favourite that night.

For dessert, we had Over The Rainbow, a fruity waffle topped up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. ($13.90. Top up ice cream for $3.50)
The café opens at 8am in the morning and it would be a great place for a quiet breakfast when the kids are away in school. They have other main pasta and meat dishes so we would be sure to try that the next time we go. Of course, not forgetting the Eggs Florentine. Yummy Yummy!

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