Friday, December 4, 2015

Mummy's Solo Day 7: Seoul

Time for exploration and of course, more eating. Even though it was cold, my friends had the stomach for ice-cream and so we went in search for Remicone. One of my friends recommended the ice-cream and so here we are. She was the one who led the way so I just followed but I do chanced upon a much more accessible one in Dongdaemun near Doota Shopping Mall so you may want to just head to that one.

One of their best sellers.

Everything looks very clinical. 

One of their best sellers. The fluffy cotton on top of the ice cream carries a slight minty taste. 

Shopping around the many cute cafes and shops along Apgujeong. 

A very popular make-up store. Friends also asked for gifts from here. 

They really brought their shop decoration to every corner. We chanced upon a model having his photo-shoot outside this shop.
Another coffee-joint. The 'leader' of the group loves coffee so she must try the coffee as recommended by the locals. 

Small and cozy interior. Not sure if it is because it was evening, but it was rather dark.

Barista at work.

They sell coffee powder and chocolates too. 

Artistic flair infiltrates the streets of Apgujeong.

Christmas lights up adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Headed to Kyochon chickens! We usually ordered the chicken in but decided to have it straight from the kitchen. The chicken is cooked only when the orders come in so be ready to wait. Still, the wait is worth it. Having tried a lot of fried chicken joints in Singapore and Korea, we still think Kyochon chickens is one of the best. 

Honey chicken combo - wings, drumlets, drumsticks. 

Red chili chicken combo. 

After the hearty meal, we were too tired to walk back to the subway so we decided to take a cab back. Once we were back, we decided to wash our clothes. We chose to stay in Metro hotel because it is not only located right in the middle of Myeongdong but also has a laundry room for us to wash and dry our clothes. An ironing board is also available. All ready to look clean and fresh for tomorrow!

Each wash coast 2500 won and each drying session costs 2500 won as well. You would need five 500 won coins and there is a coin changing machine if you do not have enough coins. Washing powder and softener are also available at 500 won. Each wash session takes 40 minutes while a drying session takes 50 minutes. So plan your time well. 

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