Monday, December 7, 2015

Mummy's Solo Day 9-10 Incheon

We checked out of Metro Hotel and checked into Marriott Dongdaemun Seoul Square. The rate was good and we decided to indulge in some luxury. When we opened the door to our room for an early check-in, we were on cloud nine. I shall let the pictures do the talking. 

Warm and inviting room

Great to soak away the fatigue. 

L'occitane toiletries
Spacious shower area

Staff comes by at 6pm to fill up the ice-box


Everything is within our control.

I personally like the organic hibiscus, tastes just like hot Ribena.
The view of the historic gate

The next day, it was snowing heavily and I just did not feel like going out anywhere because everything just seemed so cold. We lazed around in the room for another hour before deciding to take the plunge and headed out for an hour's train ride to Incheon in the cold snow. 

While waiting for the speed train to Incheon 

By the time we got to Incheon, it was raining and snowing at the same time. Not the best combination for any outdoor activities. We headed to Chinatown and found the same Chinese restaurant that Running Man filmed in. It was very clear that the restaurant was using that as a selling point. Not only did they have a banner outside the restaurant, the staff highlighted the dishes that the Running Man team had eaten. Well, it worked. We walked into the restaurant because we saw the banner and we ate what the Running Man team ate.

Come out of Incheon Station and you will see Chinatown right in front of you. There was only one exit when we were there as the station was undergoing construction. 

Walking up the slope in Chinatown. 

Running Man banners

Seafood Jjampong. 

Hot plate chicken 25,000won

White jajangmyeon. 8000 won

It was good that we ordered only two mains and one meat dish because we had trouble finishing the dish. We were surprised that the white jajamyeon actually does taste like jajangmyeon. It is easier to eat this dish because there is less sauce than the normal black sauce jajangmyeon. When you make a mess, it is less obvious. It was still snowing heavily when we finished our lunch and to make good use of our time here, we headed to the Freedom Park just up the stairs beside the restaurant. It was really cold and the only freedom I could think of was to get out of there.

Another filming location. Up the stairs to Freedom Park. 

History being painted out on bright red walls. 

Freedom Park overlooking the Incheon Port

Looks like we were not the only ones cold. 

Walked past a meat bun store and decided to try one. Photos of celebrities who have visited the store graced the store front.

After more sight-seeing, we decided to just settle our dinner at a roadside stall. Food was cheap and delicious and more importantly, it was quick so I could return back to the warmth of Marriott's bed as soon as possible. The rest of my family would come to Korea soon so I need to get as much sleep as possible. :)

Our dinner spot. 

Great to be back to Marriott. 

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