Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mummy's Solo Day 8 Seoul

We woke up fresh and early and headed to the 9th floor for breakfast. Breakfast is provided at Metro hotel when you book your rooms with them. Do not expect a big spread but the dishes are sufficient enough to fill your tummy for the morning. The dishes do vary a little daily but one can pretty much expect the basic such as cereals, breads, fruits, water etc. The breakfast area is not big. Most of the seats are lined along the sides and there are only 2 big tables in the center of the room. There are times when the breakfast area was crowded and some guests had to wait a while for seats but most of the time, the guests would not stay long so you do not need to wait long before you get a table. Breakfast starts at 7am and ends at 10am, so set your alarm if you do not want to miss a healthy start to the day.

Children's utensils are provided. 

After breakfast, we headed to Samcheong-dong for some sight-seeing and lunch. We got off at Gyeongbokgung Station and walked towards the entrance of the Folks' Museum. We had wanted to cut through Gyeongbokgung Palace but as it was closed that day, we had to follow the palace wall and around the palace. It wasn't very cold that day so we had no qualms taking a stroll to digest the breakfast. There is a crossing at the entrance of the Folk's Museum. Cross it and walk along the road for a minute, take the left turn and you would be at Samcheong-dong.

Street of Samcheong-dong

An artist making his mark on the wall. 

Wall art along the street of Samcheong-dong

After some sight-seeing, we headed to another highly recommended local restaurant for lunch. This place has been featured on television programs and visited by several celebrities. Our 'leader' was at the restaurant last year and wanted us to have a taste of the delicious food. She has always been very spot-on about food since she is a food-blogger herself. Following her only means that we will have good food to eat and not go hungry.

Turn right into the small lane once you see this sign. 
Turn into the first small lane you see on the left.The small signboard on the floor is an indication that you are heading to the right place. 

You should see the traditional korean hanok house design once you turn into the small lane. That's the restaurant that you are looking for - 55 bon ji ramen
Small and traditional. But big on food and flavor. 

Featured on television programs and magazines. 
Spot any celebrities you know?
Not many tables so do avoid the peak meal hours if you want to be assured of a seat. By the time we were there, it was 3pm so we had plenty of seating choices. 

Budae Jjampong 

Seafood jjampong

Tofu jjampong

We ordered three different jjampongs for sharing and I personally like Budae jjampong the best. The flavour is thicker and the kimchi in the soup is the softest among the three. However, the jjampongs here are very spicy, making our stomachs churn. We were all worried that we would have the runs but after a short stroll, we felt better and were able to continue with our venture. We all had different itineraries on hand so we decided to split up and meet back in the hotel. I wanted to head to Express Bus Terminal to get a sweater before my family join me in a few days time. Shopping is best done when I have the time all to myself. I took the train to Express Bus Terminal station, walked out through Exit 7 and followed the sign to the underground shopping alley.

Doors to shopping!

Rows and rows of shopping. After a while, most of the clothes are about the same. Not sure if it was because I was there in winter. Am sure I can get more clothes during the summer. 

Clothes were cheaper than the ones sold in Myeongdong and Dongdaemum. Definitely a good place to spend your time. And money.  

Nothing really caught my fancy as most of them were suited for winter wear. However, I did manage to get a unique looking sweater for 25,000 won. If only it were summer, there would be more good deals. Perhaps we need to come back again in June? After all the eating and shopping, I decided to head to Korea's biggest book store - Kyobo. They have two branches in Seoul, one in Gwanghwamun and one in Gangnam. I headed for the one in Gwanghwamun which apparently was the first branch, took Exit 3 in Gwanghwamun station and there was a door leading me straight to Kyobo without having to leave the underground passage at all. The smell of books welcomed me once I stepped in and I was swept into the world of imagination. I love books and just could not resist the temptation of buying them. I ended up buying 3 books. Phew. That was really good self-control there. The English section in Kyobo is very limited so you may not be able to find the book you want but if you are looking for Korean books, they have everything under the sun. Very much like our Kinokuniya. The stationary section is also very huge and houses many beautiful and creative items. I ended up buying stickers for the kids and cousins back home. I would have gotten more items if not for the lack of time. If you are a fan of cute stationary, do head to Kyobo. It is big and I am sure you can find something you fancy.


A lot of magazines too. Saw some tourists there buying magazines. 

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