Thursday, December 17, 2015

Korea in Winter Day 10: Sledding and Skiing Alpensia

The kids bunked in together in a single room on their mattresses last night. They chatted, joked and laughed together till Daddy advised them at 1am that they ought to try to settle down for some rest so that they could have enough energy to do everything we wanted to. We obviously underestimated how much energy these little ones had as they were the first to get up in the morning. The original plan was to sled and ski the afternoon away after our pizza brunch. However, the kids got carried away playing in the snow and decided that's all they wanted to do for now! 

Staying cool while in a hole!

If there is a next time, we will bring along waterproof boots instead. These were comfy but soaked through by the end of the day. 

The Mummies decided to go ahead without them. Since it was only two of them, they bought tickets for three rides at 8,000 won per person (after the 20% guests discount) and had a ball of a time!

Sled timings and prices.

All set and ready to go!

Making our way back to the start point with the sled slope in the background.

Here we go again! Staff at the entry point to the travellator punch our coupons each time we got on.

Scream! You know when the mummies are coming because they have the loudest screams.

Temperatures were hovering between -9 and -5 degrees Celcius today but there was still no snow falling. We could feel the chill and had to layer up a little more. When we were done sledding, there was still a lot of time and we suggested renting skis for the next couple of hours. Our two oldest daughters and Daddy came along. All the adults were skiing for the first time in our lives, and we were in the good hands of the two primary school girls who had two days of training. They did our best to give us proper instruction, but let's just say the experience left us with a huge respect for everyone out there that actually made this look easy.

All geared up and looking good (in the photograph that is). 

Our daughters try their best to give us instructions. Unfortunately, we were 'old dogs trying to learn new tricks'. One step forward, two steps back! Literally. 

Doing our best to stay on our feet! Let's just say that going backwards is easier than going forward. 

After a while, we found it easier just removing the skis, hiking up the slope, putting them on and then flying down the slope out of control. The slope was relatively crowded today, and there were a couple of split second decisions to intentionally crash out as we were not very good at applying the brakes. The lack of snow fall meant that our crashes were hard. One of our friends recommended that a better time for skiing would be in January or February after most of the snow had fallen so that the ground is covered in fluffy flakes, making falls a lot softer on the body.

In line with the warmer winter and lack of snow fall this year, we got disappointing news that the Ice Festival which begins on 18th December will not have the ice-fishing activity we were so looking forward to as the lakes had not yet frozen. I guess now we have more time to do something else. What would that be? Hmmm ,,, ...

After a whole day of exercise, everyone just wanted to warm up in the room so 2 of the adults went out to pack dinner while the kids stayed in the room to play. The latter had decided to do another round of sleep over. Adults were all tired out so guess it would be early night for the adults then. Again.

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