Monday, November 30, 2015

Mummy's Solo Day 6: Gwangju to Seoul

Our day started early and we were all ready by 9am. We took a cab to Singwangju Station (nearer than taking the KTX from Gwangju Station), stored our luggages in the lockers available in the station and walked to a nearby restaurant for our breakfast. 

Lockers of various sizes available at Singwangju Station

Prices vary according to sizes.

English, Japanese and Chinese instructions are available. 

Song Jeong Ddok Galbi. Just about 10 minutes walk away from the Singwangju ststaion. Opened since 1976 and is now run by the third generation. Opens 9am and we were the only ones there for breakfast.
Visited by many celebrities.
The many programs that the restaurant have been featured on. 

Another wall of posters and signatures.

There are two sitting halls in the restaurant and some private rooms available. 

The menu. We ordered the hanwoo ddok galbi, ddok galbi and bibimbap. Hanwoo is the local's premier beef. 

Our breakfast. 


Beef rib soup. Very flavorful. Great for ribs lovers. 

After e satisfying meal, we had no problem falling asleep on the 2 hours ride back to Seoul. We checked into Metro hotel again and this time, we took a triple room.

A bed each. The small table at the foot of the table comes in very handy as we snacked and watched tv. 

The toilet even comes with 2 sinks. 

Lots of space for our shopping loot. 

Once we were ready, we had lunch in one of the many nearby restaurants before splitting up for shopping in Myeongdong. We agreed to meet up at 8pm in the hotel room for dinner. Meanwhile....gear 5 for shopping.

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