Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SingKids (Changi Airport Terminal 3)

The girls had a long afternoon nap that day so we decided to bring them out for the night. We did not want to travel far so SingKids at Changi Airport Terminal 3 was an obvious choice. We walked past it a few times whenever we were at Terminal 3. The girls were always very excited when would begged us to bring them in. Well, their wish came true that night and boy, were they on cloud nine.

SingKids is decorated with very bright colors which makes it very enticing and welcoming. Like the children, I couldn't help but be happy too. The whole place feels like a mini-wonderland. I have brought the girls to a few indoor playgrounds before but I love this the best. Simply because it fits my needs the best. K is still very young and cannot attempt a lot of more challenging obstacles. The other indoor playgrounds, with their 3 leveled obstacle courses, and huge slides, are more suited for older children. One of the indoor playgrounds I had been to is also not very safe for young children because of the huge gaps between the nets they used to surround their sections and equipments. I saw 2 different children got their legs caught in the net when they were coming down the slide. In the end, they came tumbling down the slide, head first. The irony is that that slide is meant for smaller children. SingKids is great because they avoid height in their equipment and everything is very well-padded. I don't mind the girls falling because I know that they would not be hurt.

The area is not big and though some parents and children may prefer large running space, I like it simply for the fact that it makes it easier for parents and staff to supervise. Many of these indoor playgrounds have closed circuit television (CCTV). Because of this, a lot of the staff, left a lot of the supervision to the CCTV. In SingKids, CCTV is put up but because the place is small enough, the staff is able to attend to things very easily and quickly as well. For example, a lot of kids had been jumping into the ball pool but once the kids were done with their stunts, one of the staff went in to pick up the squashed and broken balls. A big balloon burst in the flying balloons section and a staff removed it immediately before pumping up another one. The only disadvantage I found with regards to the small size is that it gets packed very quickly. When we were there, there were only a handful of children. By the end of our hour there, it was rather packed which did make it a bit difficult for the children to enjoy the equipment at ease.

Only a maximum of 3 children are allowed on the water trampoline at any one time.

There are 2 sections to SingKids. One for the really small children and the other, for the older ones (as long as they are under 1.45m in height). The balloons for the small children are of the usual balloon size while the older children get the giant bouncing balls. The equipments in the smaller children section are also very slow moving so K did not have any problem enjoying them at all.

The small slide for small children

Safe merry-go-round for small children

The small balloons in the young kids section are more manageable for K

Clean toilets are available just outside SingKids and shops and eateries are within walking distance. There is also a foodcourt with a wide selection of food. Changi Airport Terminal 3 has been undergoing upgrading and since then, a lot of new shops have come up. We can spend half a day there easily. What's more, shopping is free from GST charges. Terminal 3 has become one of our favourite family hangout. Looking forward to the completion of upgrading. Meanwhile, SingKids is doing a great job making the children happy, at least for the girls and needless to say, me.

Admission Charges
- Offpeak: 2 hours $18 (1 adult and 1 child)
- Peak: 1 hour $18 (1 adult 1 child)
- Members Offpeak: Unlimited $14 (1 adult 1 child)
- Members Peak: 2 hours $14 (1 adult 1 child)
- Socks - $2 per pair.

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