Saturday, December 31, 2011

Road Trip to Coral Coast, Western Australia Part 2 Northamption

Our first stop was at Ninghan Park Farm. Located at Northamption, it is only 10 minutes away from the Geraldton. ( Geraldton is 5 hours away from Perth city. We started early to ensure we do not reach Ninghan Park Farm too late. We did stop by the road during lunch time. It was also vital that the girls got some running time. Expecting them to sit quietly and patiently throughout the journey would be near impossible....hmmm...let me rephrase that, it would be impossible. Plus, when they whined so much because they got bored from sitting in one spot for so long, I would be more than happy to get them out in the open, so that I can have some peace...even if it was going to be for a short 5 minutes.

It is very easy to find parking bays along the road. There are also bins located at these parking bays for you to clear the trash. There wasn't much lush greenery as we moved away from Perth but the girls were still happy running among the dried bushes. Lunch was simple pasta but it did the trick of making everyone happy. Needless to say, the girls fell asleep after the lunch and we were able to proceed to the farm. Suddenly, the stillness within the motorhome accentuated the beautiful surrounding.

Girls roaming around while Mummy cooked lunch

Admiring the wildflower

I found more!

One really feel cut away from the outside world once you reach Ninghan Park. Maybe it is because we were the only ones staying there that night. Then again, the vast greenery surrounding the whole farm made me feel tucked away in the countryside. "Ahhh, finally, the relaxing holiday has started"

View on one side of our self-contained cabin
We stayed in a self-contained cabin. There are only 2 on the farm and boy, were we pleased. The cabin was so spacious and clean. The kangaroos hopped past our cabin a few times and we could enjoy the scenery and animals from inside the cabin. The cabins are situated in the middle of the farm so in short, we are surrounded by the animals, all around. Ostrich, goats, lambs, cows...we couldn't wait to start interacting with the animals.

Our spacious and clean cabin

Bed is tucked away from view, soft and comfortable

Ninghan Park Farm prides itself in creating opportunities for interaction between animals and people. They also won the MidWest Business Excellence Award 2009/10. We could see why. Animals were allowed to run freely in their spacious enclosure and we were encouraged to feed them bread. A has always been a more adventurous child so she had a great time doing just that. The host, Peter Stoker, informed us the animals' feeding time and we joined them on their afternoon feeds. A touched and fed the smaller animals - guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, goats...well, the goat is the biggest animals among the 'small animals section' but he is gentle. Peter's daughter was having a birthday party on the day we arrived and we were invited to join too. A joined them on the jumping pillow and fed the animals with the whole group of children. It sure was a nice bonus to the stay. K was not very keen on animals. She just want to observe them from a distance. Fret not, there is a small playground (a swing and see-saw) on the farm and for her, that was good enough.

Eager goats just outside our cabins. They love it when we get close. They must be hungry! 

These gentle ponies were K's favourite animal on the farm.

The kangeroos were always around when A walked by with bread. The kangeroos were also seen hopping around outside the fence. Seemed like they can come in and out as they wish.

Farmer Peter and A feeding the guinea pigs during the afternoon feeding time.

Playing on the jumping pillow. It was Peter's daughter's birthday celebration so there were a few kids around. Fun!

K was happy with her see-saw.

Children tractor for the kids to get into the mood for...farming.

Hungry? The colorful cafe on the farm can whip up some dishes for you.
Bread, spread and eggs were provided for breadfast. I reckon the kangeroos knew that we were having breakfast because they were standing outside our cabin, looking through the glass door. Everyone was amused. We sat at the glass doors and A tried conversing with the kangeroos. I doubt any communication was made but it was still fun to watch. After the morning feeds, we packed up and left the farm, with greater determination to have more farm stays in the future. Thank you, Farmer Peter. Ninghan Park is great. 

Looking at the kangeroos behind the glass doors.

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