Friday, December 2, 2011

Intertidal @ Changi Beach

It was a Saturday and the rain seemed to have subsided after the afternoon shower. The tide table showed a very low tide at about 5pm, the perfect opportunity to explore the often unseen sandflats of Changi Beach. We parked at the carpark next to the Changi Ferry Terminal (not to be confused with Changi Point Ferry Terminal that offers bumboat rides to Pulau Ubin), where you can take a ferry to Desaru (Johor).

We had borrowed the car from our parents which made the trip all the more convienient. The first thing we did upon stepping out was to cover ourselves in insect repellent. Daddy didn't think he needed it and regretted 20 sandfly bites later.

Initially, the girls were more interested in playing with the fine sand on the high shore, and it was difficult for them to comprehend that this was going to be a shore trip without spades, sandcastles, pails, watering cans, and all the other toys we usually bring along to the beach. After some encouragement, the young ones finally decided to walk down to the intertidal areas exposed by the low tide.

Sea cucumber!

Once they warmed up, they were splashing in small tidal pools, running clumps of seaweed through their fingers, examining hermit crabs, inspecting sea stars (otherwise known as 'starfish') and creatures such as sea cucumbers and crabs.

Hermit crabs playing in the foreground, girls playing in the background...

"What does a starfish feel like?" Our first encounter with  a seastar is a very pretty bright orange one!

This is how you do a 'muddy' high five!

"Mommy my shorts are wet..."

"Look! I found some poo poo... it is slimy and sippery"

We spent less than an hour on the beach and abandoned plans to have dinner there, heading home instead to clean up and bathe first. Although the kids were dirty and tired, we were grateful that despite an entire day raining, the weather cleared just in time for this very educational family time together.

We look forward to exploring the intertidal areas again!

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