Friday, May 10, 2013

The Newly Renovated Playground In Our Neighbourhood

After about 10 months worth of wait, the playground was finally ready. We met up with some of A's classmates and gave them a good run at the playground. The area was certainly a whole lot more spacious. Instead of the previous one play station, now, we have not one, but four stations! There is also a court beside the playground where children could be seen playing badminton, and a fitness corner.

For the children, the play stations are divided by age group, starting from the babies and toddlers, all the way up to the adventurous older kids. The space is very well constructed and parent can see all the way from the babies and toddlers play station to the furthest adventure station. There are also a lot more seats for parents and caretakers. The seats are also located such that they sit on the circumference of the whole playground, which makes it a breeze watching the children. Because of the huge space, it was breezy the whole time the children were there and parents had no issue pushing the baby prams around.  K was extremely pleased to see so many babies that she spent more time playing with them than the play stations. Definitely a top notch playground in our neighbourhood now.

Lots to climb on, swing from, slide down, and hop around! Note the sheltered sitting areas around the playground.
Getting 'dizzy' with friends!

Who says these are only for toddlers?

What goes up must come down!

Playing trishaw!

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