Friday, May 17, 2013

Changi International Airport Terminal 3: "The Slide @ T3" and Gallery Exhibits

Fancy going down a 12 metre (4 storey) slide? It's only Singapore's tallest. More information about it at this website. Warning, you'll have to scroll quite a bit to get to the bottom of this panoramic shot!

We happened to be meeting some friends at the airport for dinner and A was keen to give the slide a go. K on the other hand, was worried for A as the slide looked scary, but she was unsuccessful at trying to convince A to give it a miss.

The girls observe other kids going down the slide!

Instructions and safety information board.

A started with the lower 1.5 storey slide that was free. The slide begins at basement one and ends at basement two. Television monitors indicate the speed of the participant, the number of riders to date, and show a live feed of the exit chute to ensure that the previous rider has exited before the next rider is allowed to enter. A turnstile gate limits the ride to one person at a time, and is usually manned by a staff member.

Waiting in line for my turn.

Waiting for my turn...

A monitor for parents waiting at the finish chute to watch their kids in the queue upstairs.

Children exiting the finish chute at Basement 2 downstairs.

The full 4 storey giant required a minimum spend of $10. We proceeded up to level one, all hyped up and ready to go. Daddy got into ambush position at basement two to get ready to snap the speeding bullet flying out the chute. All this came to an anti-climax when we were told A did not meet the minimum height requirement of 1.3 metres. Looks like this will have to wait a little longer than expected!

See-saw near the slide.

After a number a rides (close to ten perhaps?), we left the slide to go book our dinner table before the evening crowd. However, we found out the hard way that the airport is a popular Sunday evening hangout, and we ended up waiting longer than expected in queue for a table. Still, we're glad we found something else to entertain us while we're waiting, didn't we?

Before dinner, Mummy brought A to go look around at the viewing gallery, and some of the exhibits there. Besides marveling at jumbo jets take-off and land, there are a number of interesting exhibits there as well. Many of these depict interesting facts about the airport.

Topics covered at the gallery.

The gallery has become a cosy place to lounge around. There were even a number of students studying there. Climbing is not allowed on the exibits, although many children were seen clammering all over the structures. This probably explains why a handful of exhibits were not working properly.

Still, the exhibits were a drawing point and definitely educational for curious children of all ages.

The exhibits prompted our curious A to ask many questions about the airport, and a simple stroll among them turned out to be extremely enlightening, both for her as well as for us parents, who had to explain to her a number of facts she did not understand.

This exhibit helps us appreciate the artworks seen around the terminal. It requires children to match the close-up of the work above with the picture below. If the match is correct, both light up!

This explains how the food in airlines is prepared. Apparently, the kitchens are huge. Think assembly lines in a car factory!
A sliding puzzle which was almost impossible (for me) to solve. A little boy came over to help and did a way better job than I ever could!

We spent quite a long time there and A requested to go back for another stroll through the gallery after dinner, this time with Daddy.

Overall, this trip to T3 was a nice outing with the family and an opportunity to meet up with friends. Look forward to coming back.

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