Saturday, April 7, 2012

Western Australia Part 9 Perth City

We rented a car for the remaining one week in Western Australia and off we went on our exploration. We headed to Hay Street Mall to meet some friends first. Having driven on the open roads for 2 weeks, driving in the city was quite a challenge. It didn't help that we did not know our way around and had to ask kind passerbys for direction to find parking. One-way roads made it all the more challenging. By the time we got out of the car, we were 1 hour 30 minutes late for our appointment. Good thing our friends were kept occupied with all the shopping Perth city has to offer. After lunch at Miss Maud, we decided to do some window-shopping. Just the right exercise to aid digestion. Interestingly, we were lured into a very nice-smelling shop by a friendly shop assistant. She was all smiles and asked the kids if they would like to make soap. She explained that they were going to make some and invited the kids to join in. The ladies in the store were so friendly that we were all 'pulled' in. The kids had fun and so did we. Thanks, Lush!  After that fun and slippery experience, we made our way to The Bell Tower, where the kids could run around abit.
Still warming up to the soap-making process

Getting the hang of it

Getting excitement out of it

The kids' concoction

Walking along Hay Street, stopping to observe and learn. I suppose only tourists do that?
The Bell Tower (Photograph by J. Zheng)

Next stop, King's Park. It was huge and we parked at Wadjuk Carpark which is near the visitor information center. It is also near the State War Memorial Precinct. There one can find ANZAC Bluff Commemmorative Plaque, Cenotaph and Court of Contemplation.  The Flame of Remembrance within the Pool of Reflection burns solemnly, reminding visitors of the sacrifice the soldiers made, in exchange for a better country for their families and future generations. Maybe because I have my own children so such sacrifice made it all the more emotional for me. We spent a fair bit of time there, reading through the list of honors and stood in respect for those who fought. We took the opportunity to explain to the kids what war is about and why people go to war, the importance of respect and peace and how they can start by being sensitive and kind to their classmates and friends.

A reflective walk around the Pool of Reflection

The Flame of Remembrance

'Lest We Forget'

List of Honors
Sisters' Rolling Good Time
View of Perth City at the background.

"Mummy, my shadow runs with me!"

Some light snacks from food kiosk outside the visitor information center.

Everyone was tired after the whole day out and everyone was eager to have a good warm bath and dinner. We stayed at a family friend's place at Perth Hills and the view from the house is simply amazing. Thanks Uncle Alan and Aunty Amy. We love the hosts and the house!

At the balcony, overlooking Perth City.

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