Friday, April 6, 2012

Road Trip to Coral Coast, Western Australia Part 7 Cervantes

The Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park - a must see. That is what friends who have visited the place told me. On top of that, websites and Australian travel magazines have promoted The Pinnacles as being world famous. So of course, we were not going to miss it. It was a bit challenging getting to the place as the driving signboards were so far apart from one another that we thought we missed one and hence a turn somewhere. Even with the GPS in the motorhome, we were uncertain. It kept chanting, "You have reached your destination." but there was no sign in sight. Geesh, it didn't help that the kids were ready for their legs exercise long ago. The younger one was also starting to get hungry and I needed to get her food ready. Somehow, Daddy had the wisdom to make a left turn, with the practical reasoning that the national park has to be inland. We were driving along the coastal road. Thankfully, Daddy was spot on with his intuition and we were there in a jiffy. Boy, were we all glad.

After lunch, (That's the good thing about driving a motorhome. We were able to whip up yummy hot food anywhere, anytime) we headed to The Pinnacles Desert. It was a nice slow stroll in and the kids were fascinated with the caterpillars they saw along the way. Weather was nice and cool so we were able to stop and appreciate the little things.

Meeting their new small friend

Love their laughters

When the pinnacles appeared before our eyes, we were in awe. Such beautiful creation. I couldn't help but feel dwarfed by these giant works of nature. If you were there, you too would feel the grandeur of the numerous towers so somehow, the photos we had taken didn't do the limestone structures any justice. Good to be there around sunset when the shadows spread their wings around the area, making it more surreal.

The sand amazed the kids more than the pinnacles though

Our own version of 'David and Goliath'
Running around the natural running track

View of the pinnacles from the viewing platform

Next, we headed to The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre. It is located within the Nambung National Park and is just a short stroll from The Pinnacles. It explains in detail theories regarding the origin of The Pinnacles and the flora and fauna around the region. The displays of animals are also very lifelike, intriguing the kids greatly.

After a good walk around the centre, the kids were tired. Just in time for a well needed nap as we headed off to our next destination - Swan Valley's Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

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