Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Seoul in Winter (Day 9: Seoulland)

A friend of ours helped us get discounted tickets for Seoulland via an online promotion but the conditions were that we could only enter after 12 noon. This gave us more time to sleep in and take our time to return to Seoul Grand Park having visited Seoul Zoo just a few days ago. We initially weren't sure about visiting Seoulland, but after finding out about the discounted rates we were eager to visit it.

We arrive at the Sky-lift after a five-minute walk from Seoul Grand Park station, and despite the noonday sunshine, it was just above freezing.

Last time we visited we took the Elephant Train to the zoo. This time, the girls convinced us to try the Sky-lift instead. Daddy and Mummy were apprehensive because it was too cold to be way up there, but in the end we relented and booked a one-way ticket up (KRW 5,500 per adult; 3,500 per child). There were no regrets. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip, and although it never went very high, it was still a view they would not forget for a long time.

Mummy gets tickets for the Sky-lift. 

Up and away we gooooooo... ... !

Panaromic view from the Sky-lift

Note the safety net below throughout the journey. We spotted some squirrels scampering on it.

We spotted an Elephant Train on the bridge, and are sure glad we are up here instead of down there.

That's where we want to go - Seoulland!

After alighting from the Sky-lift, Seoulland was still a three minute walk away. The Elephant train would have stopped us right outside Seoulland, but we did not mind the short relaxing walk.

Finally made it to Seoulland!

When we arrived, we noticed a list of promotions for credit cards that would have gotten us just as good a deal without the afternoon restriction.

We got our tickets after presenting the e-coupon on our mobile phone.

We felt so fortunate that the the amusement park had only a few teenage visitors and most of the rides they were interested in were too advanced for the girls. As a result, many of our choices had no queues, and we had most of the rides entirely to ourselves. Perhaps this is because the school holidays for the younger children had not yet begun, and this was a weekday afternoon. Whatever the case, this meant that today's outing was an opportunity to try everything we wanted, and even go multiple rides on our favourites.

Seoulland has a wide variety of rides and shows catering to all age ranges, from the humble carousels to the massive double looping roller coasters. Not all the rides were opened fully, but there were more than enough for the half day we had left. We were wary that based on the forecast, the temperature was going to fall drastically after 4 pm, and moved as quickly as we could to complete at least one entire circuit. However, the desire to repeat the rides they loved made us move along at an incredibly slow pace. We made it in the end with some time to spare, but not without lots of nudging and encouraging them that we 'still hadn't seen what else' there was.

Here's a sample of some of the rides we enjoyed for the girls (age 7 & 9). For a complete list and descriptions of the attractions, visit the website HERE They're not exactly intense and on the relaxing side, but there's a good mix of carousels and kiddo coasters. Enjoy!

Tikitoc Train - only the older girl met the height requirement for this coaster, but it was a quick favourite and this meant a few more attempts at this for her.

Sky Cycle is upstairs, and Bumper Cars below. Only the older girl met the height requirement, and Mummy decided to go along!
There was a patch of dry leaves that the girl found and she had fun kicking it around.

Coming round on the Sky-Cycle. Mummy hardly helped out with the cycling, and the older girl was really tired after having done all the work.

There was a circus carousel that was quite a hit, and the girls had a few goes at it, choosing different animals each time.

Peter Pan - a simple undulating coaster that glides quite quickly.

Mummy also enjoying the ride!

There was this carousel where the cubicles were free to rotate so that the riders went fully upside down. Good thing we had this before our meal.

We had a late breakfast but the bitter cold called for some hot food. There were so many little snack kiosks, cafes and restaurants around we did not bother to photograph them all, but we settled for some local dishes. Although they were not cheap, they were pretty good portions and it warmed us up really well.

Spicy seafood soup (jjamppong). 

Black bean noodles (jjajangmyun)


Cheese pork cutlet with rice.

So we've refueled and it's time for more rides. Since our tummies were full, we decided to spend a little time at the Fantasy Land Action Zone, a giant playground with things to slide and climb (and nothing that goes upside down).

The ball-pool is only for kids below six, we we could not give it a go.

Climbing nets only for kids above six years old. Not physically demanding, but nerve-wrecking for those scared of heights!

There were some high elements that require nerves of steel.

Simple maze.

After we had some time for the food to digest, it was time to carry on with our attempt to complete a circuit around the park.

Larva Twister - one ride led to another, and another and another... it helped that there was no queue and it matched the intensity and excitement of the older girl.

Riders do not have control of whether the carriages go up or down. It is controlled centrally by the machine.

Kartrider-Bumper - Family fun for all ages.

Musical Carousel - sit in giant musical instruments and go round. Simple and relaxing.

More mini roller coasters... ...

Rock Cafe - seems like an ordinary carousell until... ...

... ... it unexpectedly reverses direction and ... ...

... ... covers you up with a blanket? 

Zeppelin - easy flying!

Kambu Airplane

By 4.30 pm, the temperature was dropping quickly to almost freezing, and having finally completed a walk round back to the entrance, we gave the girls their final chances to have final rides of their favourites before leaving. To return to the subway, we bought tickets for the Elephant Train shuttle. By now, the kids were feeling the chills and we agreed to buy back our dinners to enjoy in the warm room.

Instead of changing rail lines the way we came, we took the line directly back to Myeongdong station and walked back toward the hotel. On the way, Mummy picked up fried chicken from an outlet we wanted to try - Chicken 678 Myeongdong.

We got a mix of original and spicy flavours.

We took a while to thaw from the chills today and turned up the room heating. We were even convinced that considering tomorrow's chilly forecast, we would change our outdoor plans and laze around in Myeongdong instead. Perhaps tomorrow will be another sleep in day? Unless we wanted to catch the snowfall forecasted for 4 am ... ...

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