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Adventure Cove Waterpark: Daddy's Day Out

It was the weekend, and Mummy had an appointment.The opportunity for Daddy to take the kids out presented itself when Travel Delight (see below for more information) offered us a pair of free tickets to explore Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Singapore.

We left home early and took the MRT to Harbourfront Station. I wasn't so sure how to get to RWS as I'd only been there a couple of time before, but there were clear signs everywhere leading me to the shuttle bus bay. It was hassle free and smooth, and although it was a weekend, it helped that we were there way before most of the attractions opened and there were few visitors there yet.

We had the shuttle bus all to ourselves!

Get there fast and then we'll take it slow...

All excited! Unfortunately we're too early, and we can't go in yet!

We took a relaxing stroll towards the Marine Life Park, stopping along the way at the McDonald's for some hashbrowns and drinks before heading down to the park entrance. This proved to be a wise move as we got caught up in all the fun and did not refuel till past 2pm.

Thank you Travel Delight for the complimentary tickets!

Yep, the cut out was just too tall! At least we tried.

Checking out a sponge and coral display publicizing the Marine Life Park's various 'immersive experiences'.

... and we're on our way!

Excited girls all ready to go!

Bags are searched upon entry for outside food and drinks. 

Lighted fountains dancing to the piped music.

The park opened at 10am and we headed straight to the lockers outside the entrance changing rooms. At the entrance, staff checked our bags for snacks and drinks. The electronically operated lockers were available in small ($10) and large ($20) sizes. We opted for a small one, which turned out to be enough space for a daddy day pack, our change of clothes, bath materials, and all our footwear. We took nothing with us, but on hindsight, some cash in a waterproof case would have come in handy as there were plenty of snack kiosks along the way. This is also necessary if you intend to buy a ticket to the paid attractions in the park, such as the Ray Bay and Shark Encounter (click HERE), or pick up some necessities at the Reef 'n Wave Wear (click HERE). A tip would be to make sure you have everything you need with you with you before closing the locker door, as to open it would mean the end of your rental!

The small sized locker.

The locker kiosk will automatically assign you a locker.

Conveniently located in front of the changing rooms is an entrance point to the Adventure River, a lazy tube ride pushed along by a gentle current in shallow water, just nice for the young ones. I wasn't exactly sure about the depth of the river, and had the kids pick out life jackets. We grabbed our tubes, a small one for the older girl and a smaller one for the younger one to share with Daddy.

Picking out our rubber tubes!

Through a deep, dark, cave. Note who's watching over us? The presence of many lifeguards made us feel safe. Thank you so much!

On my way to get splashed by a waterfall! Look who's watching over me again?

Having fun in the river.... aeroplane!

Checking out the fish as we pass through...

Marveling at the fish swimming all around us while we're taking a break.

Getting up close with the rays in the Ray Bay.

Visitors to the Ray Bay having an unforgettable experience!
Helping each other get out of our life jackets.

Returning the life jackets to their respective areas. The different colours denote different sizes.

I cannot remember exactly how long an entire round was, but there were many things to see. Occasionally, the older girl drifted out of sight, and I had to do some paddling or pull the other tube quickly along to catch up with her. It was easier to stick together when we dismounted our tubes and waded along.

After exiting from the Adventure River, we didn't know where to go next. Somehow, we ended up at a rest area in front of the Ray Bay where there were lazy chairs and sun-umbrellas. But most importantly, it was nestled in a small patch of fine, white sand, and the kids quickly got down and started making ant-hills and burying their hands and feet while I figured out where we should go next.

Let's make an ant nest!

The kids find joy in an ordinary patch of sand. Looks like a nice place for tired parents to laze while watching the very young dig around. A suggestion might be to bring along your buckets and shovels!

The Big Bucket Treehouse is one of those spots in the park where there are enough nooks and crannies for energetic kids to immerse themselves in the adventure of getting 'lost' in the exploration of a new environment. This spot is great for parents like me who need a safe and yet engaging playground to contain kids of different ages. The older immediately scampered up the structure, trying out the lower and higher slides, climbing across the ropes, rolling around in the shallows and running through every water spouting contraption. The less adventurous younger girl simply waded around in the shallows, finding younger kids to play with, and splashing around.

Exploring the Big Bucket Treehouse!

The slides here are suitable for younger children.


Relaxing roll in the shallows...

101 ways to get rained on!

What a mean looking hideaway... simply perfect!

When I finally convinced them that there was likely something else just as fun around the corner, we had already spent a good amount of time there. That 'something else' was the Bluwater Bay, a large pool that turns choppy with giant waves every now and then. I wasn't ready to head into the deep end despite the provision of life jackets and floating 'donuts'. For one, the younger girl found this a little too scary. The older girls wanted very much to jump right in, but because I had to watch the younger one on the 'shore' we decided to play together in the shallows.

The waves are pretty strong even by the water's edge.

Every fifteen minutes the music changes as the waves get choppy. This is when everyone grabs a tube and jumps in!

At the water's edge are comfortable little huts you can rent to laze in while the kids play.

Playing in the waves by the 'beach'! Note the deck chairs all laid out... are we in Phuket?

The Seahorse Hideaway is a small pool where the very young can play safely under the watchful eyes of their parents.

This was the reality for most of the day. While A met the height requirement for most of the solo rides, K either did not want to find herself speeding through a dark pipe or zipping down a slippery slide despite meeting the 'with parent supervision' height requirement. This meant that A would have to go on her own, and on a ride that did not have the single tube option that day, A would have to give it a miss as the double seater was too heavy for her to carry up the stairs. If only Mummy was here with us, she would certainly brave the rides with A and have a wide time together.

Still, A managed to try out the Tidal Twister and the Pipeline Plunge. The queues were long, approximately 15 minutes for each ride. I waited at the splash zone with a camera on standby with the younger child. After each ride, A would rave about how awesome it was, describe what it felt like, and beg to go again. K on the other hand would complain about why it took so long for A to return, and pass her time by watching the older kids bob up and down in the Bluwater Bay.

Wait time is indicated on the instruction board.

She lugs the tube all the way up the tower. Some friendly chaps assisted her when she got too tired on a second trip up.

And there she goes... a brave soul... all alone....


Get out of the splash-zone... "Daddy can I go again?"

The younger girl doesn't meet the height requirements and passes time checking out the Bluwater Bay while older sister goes for another ride.

One thing I appreciated on a crowded weekend day was the abundance of lifeguards. Every corner appeared to have someone watching, and many were involved in helping visitors get on and off their rubber tubes. The staff there were also very helpful, and ready to give directions and options to any of my questions.

A snack station.

Extra large roasted turkey legs!

Cold drinks for a hot day!

We had so much fun splashing around that four hours passed quickly. The camera battery had run out after 200+ shots. After retrieving our belongings from the lockers, the girls headed to the changing room to get into some dry clothes, before we went looking for something to eat. There were sit down cafe and restaurant options, but in the interest of time (and following our cravings), we decided on a snack kiosk dishing out hot-dogs for $6 each. Extra cheese meant an additional $3 each. Food and beverage options are not cheap, and since bringing in your own 'picnic' items was not an option according to the park rules, it is important to have with you sufficient cash. The servings were large but the hungry girls wolfed down the ketchup drenched hot-dogs and washed it down with mouthfuls of water.

Check out the hot-dog themed facade of this snack kiosk!

Yes, we're hungry!

It was now past two and the sky had broken out into a drizzle. Daddy led the girls out of the park and back to the taxi stand. Many people were still enjoying the weekend and cabs were a plenty. We didn't have the privilege of exploring more of the park, but it was evident that the day's fun had taken a toll on the girls and they were ready to 'log-off' before our dinner appointment that night.

Tired out from all the excitement, the taxi ride home was a 20 minute nap.

Nice weather to sleep in. Add a moving, air-conditioned cab and you've got divine nap conditions.

There was plenty of ravings to Mummy when we got home about the fun we had, and A begged Mummy to come along next time so that she could try more rides. It will be nice to go back as a family when K meets more of the height requirements. Imagine the Whirlpool Washout together as a family! I saw many parents there with their teenage kids and they looked like family bonding in the process, excitedly bantering about their exploits after each ride. In addition, an entire day out would be more worth the 'long' MRT ride from our place. Still, it was a chance to have the girls all to myself, and to hear about how much they enjoyed it for a few days after was very satisfying.


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