Sunday, September 8, 2013

Canopy @ Changi Airport Terminal 1

The "Kinetic Rain" moving sculpture at Terminal 1 resembles golden water droplets dancing to the piped music.

Daddy had a rare weekday off and the girls were at home as it was Teachers' Day (here's a shout out of best wishes to all educators out there!). It was the perfect scenario for some Daddy-daughter time except for the heavy rain. There is thankfully no shortage of indoor options in Singapore and one of our favourites remains the airport.

While the free playground at Terminal 1 dubbed the 'Canopy' was our target destination, there was little reason to rush and we took our time enjoying the sights on the MRT. One of the perks of non-peak hour travel was that we were able to get seats. A special mention must go out to the commuters whom we observed offering their seats to parents with children and the elderly.

Examining the station map to see if we've arrived.

"Hmmm... which way to the airport?"

We arrived in Terminal 2 and took the Sky Train to Terminal 1, another 'ride' the girls usually look forward to.

Here it comes!

Sky Train ride!

The 'Canopy' is so named likely because it is at the corner of the highest floor. It's background is the scenic viewing gallery. Though not especially a large playground, it was generally well maintained, clean, and had enough nooks and crannies for preschoolers to expend their energy. The most important amenities conveniently located just next to the playground are the toilets!

"Can you spot the playground?"

Putting on our socks!

Remember to bring along your socks as they're required for everyone using the playground (including adults). However, there are no staff to enforce any safety or rules, and the playground should be used at your own risk. Parents are expected to mind their own kids.

The playground is a small play area right next to the viewing gallery. Although not very big, it was relatively well utilized for a Friday weekday morning.

There is a tree house that the kids enjoy climbing into.

Mesh tunnel to crawl through...

A little climbing here and there...

There are two slides in the compound...

Parents making themselves comfortable while watching over the kids. The small area makes it easy to see the children no matter which corner Mommy or Daddy decides to plant themselves.

"Hold on tight!" Rotating pillars mean a 'spinning good time'. 

"Help! I'm stuck!" Just kidding!

Peering out from their hideout...

Some obstacles to navigate...

There is a bench with paper and crayons for kids to doodle with just next to the playground.

The airport has much more to see than just playgrounds...

Mommy met us to get some duty-free shopping done in the basement of Terminal 3 just before lunch. Interestingly, we overheard on three separate occasions during the visit, families commenting that the airport looked more like a shopping mall. Indeed, clever integration of spaces has allowed the airport to become a family friendly hangout for play, dining, shopping... and if you're in transit, even 'hiking'through the nature trail (click HERE).

We'll be back!

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