Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hong Kong Part 4: Disneyland - Adventureland

After a good night's rest, we were ready to take on Disneyland again. This time, ADVENTURELAND!

Cruise is available in 3 different languages and you are to queue according to the language of your preferred choice.
Waiting time for all the three languages are the same.

It doesn't matter where you sit as there are lots to see on both sides.

Elephant spraying water at us!

Big apes shooting at us for intruding into their territory

So cute....

... until it suddenly opened its mouth!

The water suddenly bubbled over, causing the water to swerve to the side...

... followed by a huge fiery explosion. Everyone got a shock, especially the ones sitting closer to the fire.
We could feel the heat from the boat. A. got so frightened by the explosion that she cried.

Next up, a water-bomb!

The chaotic ride ended with greetings from a docile baby elephant which did much to calm A. and K..

'Festival of the Lion King' -  a musical performance re-enacting the story of 'The Lion King'

Different show times. We went for the 12pm show. Good to hide away from the heat.

Impressive. A must watch. Very entertaining.

A visit to Tarzan's Treehouse

Waiting for the raft to pick us up.

Little Tarzan and Janes!

A cute baby elephant to entertain K. while the older kids swing around on the ropes.

Getting the jungle beat going

The heat was once again unleashing its overwhelming power. We had to seek shelter somewhere while the kids went for their favourite rides again...and again...and again. To end off the wonderful few days spent in Disneyland, I took a train ride at Main Street.

It had been a great time despite the unwelcoming heat. I will definitely be back again and I am sure the kids would have no objection to that. Next time, I would avoid the heat and come in the cooler months. So long, Disneyland!

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